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Course List

After logging in to the Mobile Learn app, the first screen is your course and organization list. The courses and organizations listed here reflect those on your institution's Blackboard Learn website.

Can’t see your courses or organizations? See Why are my courses not displaying in Mobile Learn?

Unread Counts

A highlighted number next to the course or organization name indicates new activity. You can find these unread counts in the Dashboard and the Course Menu. Unread counts are only supported on Android.

Edit Your Course List

You can hide, reorder, and color your courses. Access Edit Mode from the pencil icon located in the top right of the Course and Organization List.

Image illustrating associated text

Hide your courses by tapping the eye icon. The hidden course shows a closed eye icon and the course title is grayed out. You can show the course by tapping the icon again.

Reorder your course list by holding the three-horizontal-line icon and dragging it up or down.

Change the color of your course by selecting the ink dropper icon next to the course name.

Image illustrating associated text

Image illustrating associated text

Rename your courses by clicking the "X" to the right of the name within the text bar. Notice how the course name grays out and the Course ID number appears below it. In the example below, 4050 is the Course ID number for Biology 101.

Image illustrating associated text  

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