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Blackboard Help

Log in and Purchase

Find Your Institution and Log In

Open the app and search for your institution. Type your account username/password; these are the same credentials you use to access your Blackboard courses on a computer.  You may encounter a native app login page (second image below) or a web-based login page (third image below).  This will depend on your institution's login configuration.

Image illustrating associated text                         

The app remembers your most recent school search so you don’t have to type in your school every time you login. We do not support the functionality to sign into multiple schools at once since each school has different security measures. So in order to view your content from a different school, please log out of the app and back in with the appropriate school and login credentials.

If your school has a non-native login type, you will be re-directed to a new browser window where you have to enter in your login credentials every time you log in.

If you’re unable to find your institution, you may want to try modifying your search. For example, if you attend an institution that is part of a larger institution or district, then try searching for the district or larger institution's name instead. 

If you are having trouble logging in, please see Why can't I log in to the app?


After logging in, you see the purchase screen where you can pay $1.99 for lifetime access to Mobile Learn. To complete your purchase, type your iTunes or Google Play account information. Your license does not transfer between Android and iOS.

If your school has purchased an institutional license for Mobile Learn, you will not be presented with the purchase screen and will be able to access the app for free. If you’re curious about why you have to purchase the app, please read Why the change to the personal license?

If you’ve already purchased the app, but are still presented with the purchase screen, please read I'm having trouble restoring my license, what can I do?

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