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Tests in Mobile Learn

Tests are compatible with the Mobile Learn app only when they contain supported question types. For a list of mobile-compatible question types, see Why can't I take a test in the app? If instructors do not create the test using the mobile compatible option in Web Learn and they include unsupported question types, students need to take the test in Web Learn in a browser.

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Completing a Mobile Test on Your App

  1. Select the test and click Start Assessment.
  2. Once you select an answer for each question, the corresponding number is highlighted. You can edit your answers before submitting the assessment.
  3. Click Submit when you finish the test. A message appears to verify that you are ready to submit your answers.

Time Limits and Limited Attempts

Sometimes instructors assign a time limit or a limited number of attempts for a test. You can see these at the bottom of the test's start screen.

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