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Why aren't certain tools available to students in the app?

The following native tools may not be available in the app due to the way settings have been configured within a course on the Blackboard Learn website:

  • Discussion Boards
  • Journals
  • Blogs
  • My Grades
  • Tasks
  • ​Groups
  • Roster
  • Announcements

How To Make Tools Available in a Course

Adjust Tool Availability settings within a course on the Blackboard Learn website.

  1. Log in to Blackboard Learn and select a course.
  2. Access Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability
  3. Ensure that each tool you want shown in the app has its box checked in the Available column.

    Image illustrating associated text

If your institution is running Blackboard Learn software older than Service Pack 12, then you must ALSO adjust tool availability settings on the Tools Area. Click Show Link for the tools you want to appear in the app.


You can determine which software version your institution is running by contacting your campus IT Helpdesk. You can also contact Mobile Learn Support directly, or contact them by using the Help button in the app.

I don't see a link to the Tools Area at all, what can I do?

For instructions for adding a link to the Tools Area in your course in Web Learn, see Add the Tools Area to the Course Menu.

Tools still not available in the app?​

If you've gone through these steps and the tools are still not available in the app, please contact Mobile Learn Support.

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