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Set Up a Mobile Friendly Course

Blackboard Mobile Learn™ provides students with instant access to their courses on their mobile devices. The recommended practices presented here ensure the content you publish in the Blackboard Learn environment integrates well with Mobile Learn. This creates a more enjoyable student experience, providing maximum access to course materials for students on mobile devices.

Important terminology used in this page:

  • Web Learn = the Blackboard Learn desktop website
  • Mobile Learn = the mobile application

Purpose of Mobile Learning

Mobile technology is not meant to address every single aspect of your Blackboard course. Rather, it should be used strategically to enhance key features that translate best to a mobile device. Not everything you build as an instructor will be mobile-friendly, nor should it be. 

To learn more, see Which features are available in the app?

Set Up Your Course Structure

Course Menu

Create an uncluttered course menu to maintain efficient navigation for your users. Limit the number of links included in the course menu. Use content areas to hold related items and give your course organization and structure. Careful planning before your course begins helps both you and students in the future.

  • Are you going to organize your course by week, unit, chapter or some other method?
  • Do you want to create folders, content areas, or learning modules?
  • Which tools will you make available to your students? Will you provide direct links to them on the course menu?

Number of Content Items

Courses with a large number of content items can cause slow load times for mobile users. We suggest limiting your courses to around 100 content items. Group items so that they are presented across multiple content areas rather than placing all course content in a single folder.

Preview Your Course in Mobile Learn

  • On a mobile device: View your course in either Available or Unavailable mode, depending on how much you would like to experiment with your course content and organization.
  • On the desktop website: Use the Folder Icon at the top of the course menu, which closely resembles the course menu students see in the mobile app. Select “Expand All” to see all items with the hierarchy of folders.

    Image illustrating associated text

File:en-us/Learn/Mobile_Learn/030_Instructors_Designers/005_Set_up_for_Mobile_Learn/icon_mobile.png Mobile-Friendly Practices

Course Names should be short, simple, and easy to identify. Remember that the Course ID (accessible in the Edit Menu on Mobile Learn) can contain more detailed information such as the department and course number.

Folder and Content Titles should be short for easy viewing in Mobile Learn.

Course Menu for each course should contain links to frequently used tools, such as My Grades and Discussions. Add and reorder items in the course menu in Web Learn, then preview it in Mobile Learn.

Course Interaction

How do you want students to interact with each other?

  • Discussions forums encourage students to share their ideas with each other.
  • Discussion forums within groups enable just the group members to communicate.

How do you want to interact with your students?

  • Post announcements regularly.
  • Post new content and assignments.
  • Create tasks to let students know they have items to complete.
  • Students receive push notifications about these and other events, letting them know that their course is an active, engaging place to learn.

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