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Moodleroom Basics

New to Moodlerooms or need a refresher?

Learn how to create an account and log in, and how to move around in Moodlerooms whether your institution uses the Snap design theme or another theme. Learn what features are available to teachers in their courses.

Create an account

Many institutions create accounts for their staff. In that case, your administrator will provide you with a username and password for you to log into the website. Some institutions will allow you to create an account using email based self-registration.

  1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to your school site.
  2. Select Log in.

    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  3. Select Create new account.
  4. Type your required account information, including your user name, password, and email address. Required information is marked with an asterisk.
  5. Select Create my new account.
  6. Select Continue.
    An email will be sent to the account you provided on the account registration form.
  7. Access your email, and select the confirmation link in the verification email to restart Moodlerooms in your browser.
  8. Locate the Log in block or button.
  9. Type your Username and Password.
  10. Select Log in.

Log in

The Log in option is located in the top right corner no mater which design theme your institution uses.

Depending on the institution, you may be able to login as a guest. Guests may have access to view courses.

  1. Select Log in.

    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  2. Type your Username and Password.
  3. Select Log in.

Moving around in Moodlerooms

No two pages, courses, or Moodlerooms systems will look the same. However, there are some features that you can rely on, and terminology you should know.


Activities are tasks you want students to do, such as complete an assignment or participate in a discussion.​

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

More on activities


Resources are items you use to support learning, such as a video of a lecture or an article to read.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

More on resources


Blocks are elements that add extra information or learning content to your course. You can add blocks to the sides or center of your course depending on the design theme your course is in.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

Administration blocks are standard on every page for teachers and administrators.

More on blocks


There are breadcrumbs on each page that show you where you are. You can also select breadcrumbs to go back to previous pages, including the Home page.



Courses contain a collection of activities and resources. You can also add blocks for additional tools and elements. It is from the course that you teach and assess your students.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

More on designing your courses


You have a personal profile that you can customize.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in another theme

From the profile, you can access your courses, messages, upcoming deadlines, and recent forums posts.

Personal menu

In Snap your personal menu is the best place to see everything important you need to know at-a-glance. Use it as your landing page to stay engaged and keep current with what others are saying.

You can also add your favorite courses to the top of your personal menu in Snap. Pick courses you need access to most often.

Turn editing on

If your institution uses a design theme other than Snap, you will need to Turn editing on to edit your course pages. Turn editing off when you want to see your course how your students will see it.

With Snap, editing is always on and right where you want it. You still use Turn editing on for blocks only.

To learn more, see Snap Theme.

Moodle quick guides for administrators

These links may be available in English only.

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