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Blackboard Collaborate

Collaborate with the Ultra experience is available as an Activity Module for Moodlerooms!

Now your users can join a Collaborate with the Ultra experience session from their Moodlerooms class. They don't need to install Java or download and open Java-reliant files to their devices. The session opens in a new window or tab, depending on a their browser settings.

When you install and enable the module, your instructors can add Collaborate to their classes. They can create virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces to engage their students in a more collaborative and interactive learning experience.

Use Collaborate

Want to start using Collaborate with the Ultra experience? Jump to Blackboard Collaborate for teachers.


Recording downloads can be made available for all Collaborate with the Ultra experience session recordings. You may request this functionality through a ticket in Behind the Blackboard (available in English only).


Your preferred language is now passed by default from Moodle to Collaborate.