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Create Express Menus

End of Support for Express ends in July 2017. End of Life for Express ends July 2018.

Express menus are used to display navigational menus in an Express design.

Not all designs or templates support menus.

The Custom JavaScript setting must be configured to Header or Footer for Express menus to work. To learn more, see Configure the Express theme settings.

The Menus tab displays a red warning, if the design that is currently being used does not support Express menus.

Create an Express menu

Steps: Express > Menus

  1. From the Express block, select Menus.

    Warnings appear if the Express block has been configured to use the site menus for all locations or at the site only. A warning will also appear if the current design is missing the %PAGETABS% or %EXPRESSMENU% variables in any layout files.

  2. Type the menu structure text, with one menu item per line, allowing for an infinite number of menus and sub-menus.


    This structure uses the following fields:

    • level: Denoted by a dash (-) . The menu's title has no dash, and every sub-menu adds a dash. For example, a level 3 menu would have three dashes and requires a menu above it.
    • name: The label used for the menu or link
    • url: The URL to which the label is linked
    • target: (optional) The link target is to be used when opening this link. Should be one of the valid options from the target attribute at This attribute is usually _blank or _self. _self is used as the default.

      Fields are separated by a pipe (|).;

      Express variables, like %MYCOURSESYUI%, can be used within an Express menu, and the variable will be replaced with the dynamic Moodle/Joule data.

  3. Select the Save changes button.

Express attempts to determine if your menu syntax is correct. If an error is found, you will see a red error message indicating a problem, and your menus will not be saved.