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Advanced Grading Forms

When advanced grading methods are enabled, the grade selection element is replaced with more complex assessment forms. These are checklists, rubrics, and marking guides. Instructors select the grading form they want to use on activities that allow it, such as Assignments and Advanced forums.

More on advanced grading methods for instructors

Advanced grading form templates can be created. Only site administrators and managers share the templates site-wide.Templates allow for the quick creation of forms that can then be reused in multiple courses on a site. Existing forms can be published as a template or new ones can be created from scratch.

Create site-wide advanced grading form template

Steps in Snap: Advanced forum or Assignment > Admin > Advanced grading > Define checklist, rubric, or marking Guide

Steps in other themes: Turn editing on > Advanced forum or Assignment > Edit > Edit settings > Activity administration > Advanced grading > Define checklist, rubric, or marking guide

  1. Find an activity with that is using an advanced grading method.
  2. Navigate to your Settings block and from the activity administration expand Advanced grading.
  3. Select to define the advanced grading method: checklist, rubric, or marking guide.
  4. Modify the form as needed.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Publish the form as a new template.
  7. Select Continue to save a copy of the grading form as a new public template that can be used for other modules.