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What's New

We're continually evolving to improve your learning experience.

In the July 2016 release we not only upgraded to Moodle Core 3.0 but we focused on improvements to Snap and the Collaborate with the Ultra experience activity module.

Snap improvements

Return home with one click. Wherever you are in a course, select the course title to go back to the course homepage.

We've updated the buttons for increased accessibility. The buttons in Snap 3.0 now use a cleaner modern look and feel from Bootstrap 4’s outline buttons.

Snap primary buttons continue to use your brand's color.

You can now use personal menu as your landing page. The personal menu is still the best place to see everything important you need to know at-a-glance. Stay engaged and keep current with what others are doing in your courses. Administrators can set the personal menu as every users landing page from the snap settings page.

Add your favorite courses to the top of your personal menu. Pick courses you need access to most often. Whether you're working on a course not yet published to students, or revising a specific subject, access to what you need, when you need it.

More on your personal menu

Enjoy a familiar experience on every device. Snap has been optimized from small screen to desktop. Its responsive mobile navigation will be familiar to anyone using a mobile device.

For the best experience Moodlerooms recommends using the topics or weeks course formats with the Snap theme.

Collaborate with the Ultra experience activity module improvements

  • Teachers can now see a guest link in the activity. They can share this link with guests they would like to attend the session.
  • Recording downloads can be made available for all Collaborate with the Ultra experience session recordings. Administrators may request this.
  • Your preferred language is now passed by default from Moodle to Collaborate.

More on Blackboard Collaborate

Moodle core 3.0 upgrade

With this upgrade Moodle added mobile support for chat, choice, survey, and quiz activity modules.

Four new question types are added:

  • Select missing words
  • Drag and drop into text
  • Drag and drop images
  • Drag and drop markers

Moodle also improved the accessibility of the product.

  • Expand and collapse menus in the navigation and administration blocks are now screen reader friendly.
  • There is now support for JAWS reading of MathJax equations.
  • Improvements have been made to the accessibility of creating rubrics in the advanced grading screens.

Official Moodle 3.0 New Features guide (may be available in English only)

YouTubeTM video overviews of Moodle 3.0 (may be available in English only)

What's new in review

What's new in review PDFs are available in English only.

December 2015 release