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Create Account and Log In

You're on your way!

Learn how to create an account and log in, and how to enroll in courses.

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Create an account

If your institution has Moodlerooms account for you, you will be provided with a username and password which you can use to log into the website. Some institutions will allow you to create an account using email based self-registration.

  1. Open an Internet browser and navigate to your school site.
  2. Click Log in.

    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  3. Click Create new account.
  4. Type a user name, password, e-mail address, and other required account information.
    Required information is marked with an asterisk.
  5. Click Create my new account.
  6. Click Continue.
    An email will be sent to the account you provided on the account registration form.
  7. Access your email, and click the confirmation link in the verification email to restart Moodlerooms in your browser.
  8. Locate the Log in block or button.
  9. Type your Username and Password.
  10. Click Log in.

Log in

The Log in option is located in the top right corner no mater which design theme your institution uses.

Depending on the institution, you may be able to login as a guest. Guests may have access to view courses.

  1. Click Log in.

    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  2. Type your Username and Password.
  3. Click Log in.

Want to update your profile or set your notification preferences for Moodlerooms? Check out Account Basics!

Search for a course

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Locate the course.
    Steps in Snap: Select the All courses button to search for your course. 
    Steps in other themes: Navigate to Courses and search for your course.

    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  3. Select the Course category.
  4. Type the name of the course.
  5. Select Go for the list of courses.
  6. Select the course to open.

Self-Enroll in a course

You can self-enroll in a course if the teacher has made that option available. The enrollment duration begins once you enter the key and enroll in a course.

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Locate the course you would like to enroll in and select the course title.
    For courses in themes other than Snap: The self-enroll screen displays.
    In the Snap theme: Select Course Tools > Enroll me in this course.

    How it looks in Snap
    How it looks in another theme
  3. Type the Enrollment key if needed.
  4. Click Enroll me. The course will display.