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Glossary Entries

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A Glossary allows you to create and maintain a list of definitions, similar to a dictionary. Creating glossaries can be a collaborative activity where your teacher allows you to add your own entries, rate other student's entries and more.

From your course open the glossary.

How it looks in Snap
How it looks in other themes

More on using the glossary on the Moodle website (may be available in English only)

Add entries

  1. From the glossary, select Add a new entry.
  2. Type the word, phrase, or sentence in the Concept text box. The text you enter is listed as a glossary term.
  3. Type the Definition in the text editor.
  4. Type relevant Keywords that will help other users find the glossary entry.
  5. Select the Add button to add an Attachment (optional.)
  6. Select Save Changes.

There are a lot of things you can do with your glossary entries. You can also search and print your glossary.

To learn more, see Using Glossaries on the Moodle website (may be available in English only).