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Folder View

This Folder View format displays activities and resources within a folder that expands and collapses, allowing for easier editing of content. This course format can display all folders on a page or a single folder at a time with previous and next topic navigation buttons or a jump-to menu facilitating the navigation between folders.

The Folder View course format doesn't work with Snap.

Benefits of the Folder View for Teachers

The Folder View course format is similar to the Topics and Weeks course formats from a display perspective – activities and resources are grouped and displayed together in sections. The Folder View differs from the Topics and Weeks course formats in the following ways:

  • Simplifies the interface used to edit the information within the course by placing editing tabs below the first topic. From the tabs, you can complete the following:
    • Add topic: Add a new section to the course.
    • Add resource: Add an activity or resource to any section in the course.
    • Add block: Allows the teacher to add a block to the column on the right side of the course.
    • Topic settings: Allows the teacher to change the title and description of the first section.
  • Allows the user to expand and collapse a folder to provide a more streamlined view of the course information, and remembers the state of the expanded and collapsed topics.
  • All editing features, such as Add resource and Edit topic are located on the right side of the topic for easy use. To learn more, see Edit and Manage Content.
  • Allows you to move resources and activities within a section or to a new section by dragging it to a new location.

Select Folder View

Steps in other themes: Course administration block > Edit settings > Course format > Format > Folder View format

You decide how many topics you want and if any should be hidden.