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About Advanced Forums

Foster information exchange and online community!

Have conversations over an extended period of time with the Advanced forum activity.

What is an Advanced forum?

An advanced forum is an area where participants discuss a topic or a group of related topics. Within each forum, participants can create many discussion topics. A discussion topic includes the initial post and all replies to it.

Example: A forum topic could be on reducing reliance on oil. A discussion topic in that forum might be an alternative source of power, such as solar. Students discuss solar power as an option to reduce our reliance on oil.

Discussions appear sequentially so every one can follow the conversation.

Your site administrator makes this activity available for use.

Why use the Advanced forum activity?

The Advanced forum activity provides some unique benefits over the basic Moodle forum activity.

  • Easy forum grading: You can grade student posts using Joule Grader. You can also use advanced grading methods in advanced forum activities. With Joule Grader you can view the number and content of posts and replies a student has made.
  • Allow anonymous forums: Let your students make anonymous posts to a discussion forum. They can still receive credit for posting.
  • View posting details: View the number of posts and replies a student has made. You can also view the content of those posts. It doesn't matter if the forum is anonymous or not.
  • Enjoy simplified forum subscription: Receive emails related to just one topic in a forum. You don't have to subscribe to the entire forum.
  • Enjoy simplified navigation and user interface: Snap reduces the number of steps it takes to go through posts. With Snap you also have many views into a course’s forum discussions. This means you can view posts and replies quicker compared to the Moodle forum.
  • Highlight teacher posts: Make your posts stand out from student posts. This makes it easier for students to notice the posts that may be more relevant for them to read.
  • Mark forum posts: Identify posts that need review and have had an impact on the reader or the forum in general.
  • Send a private reply: Send a private reply to a forum post. Private replies are only see by the original post author. Students know a reply is private when they can't reply to it.