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Add From Blackboard Open Content

Share with individuals, institutions, and the world.

Author, discover, create, share, copyright and deliver learning objects. Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) learning objects are hosted in the cloud. Share resources across courses and platforms, reducing costs and easing content maintenance. Grades from Blackboard Open Content are stored in Blackboard Open Content and passed through to the gradebook.

Blackboard Open Content learning objects can be used for the following.

  • Assignments
  • Content
  • Discussions
  • Quizzes

Students launch into Blackboard Open Content without ever leaving the Moodlerooms course offering a seamless experience.

Check it out!

We've put together this video to give you a preview of Blackboard Open Content.

Video: Blackboard Open Content

Add Blackboard Open Content to your course

Create learning activity or resource > Add from Blackboard Open Content > Add

You are immediately taken to Blackboard Open Content. Select the content you want to add to the course.

Select return to course to go back to your course at any time.

Blackboard Open Content houses shareable, reusable content that is accessible to courses within several Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. You can do the following.

Configure Blackboard Open Content Resources

All Blackboard Open Content (formerly xpLor) resources are loaded in Moodlerooms as an External Tool activity. You may have to update the settings of the External Tool activity in order to configure the features that are exclusive to Moodlerooms such as Grades, Restricted access, or Completion tracking.

Find the Activity and click Update.

General Settings

Most of these settings must stay at default in order to have Blackboard Open Content working properly within your course. Consider updating only the following :

  • Activity Name and Description: Change the name and description in your Moodle course.
  • Display activity name when launched: If selected, the activity name (specified above) will display above the tool provider's content.
  • Display description on course page: You can optionally provide additional instructions for launchers of the tool. The description is never displayed when the tool's launch container is in a new window.
  • Launch Container: The launch container affects the display of the Blackboard Open Content resource when launched from the course. Some launch containers provide more screen real estate to the tool, and others provide a more integrated feel with the Moodle environment. The following are launch container types:
    • Default: Use the launch container specified by the tool configuration.
    • Embed: Blackboard Open Content is displayed within the existing Moodle window, in a manner similar to most other Activity types.
    • Embed, without blocks: Blackboard Open Content is displayed within the existing Moodle window, with the navigation controls at the top of the page.
    • New window: Blackboard Open Content opens in a new window, occupying all the available space. Depending on the browser, it will open in a new tab or a popup window. It is possible that browsers will prevent the new window from opening. The new window is not section 508 compliant.