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Grader Report

The Moodle Grader report is the more traditional look and feel of a gradebook. It collects all graded items into a table that allows for grading (overridden grades) and the ability to give feedback.

Activities are organized by categories and depending on how the course preferences have been configured action icons, like edit, show/hide, lock, and calculate tool, may be available for use. Manually enter grades in the Moodle Grader report by following the steps below.

Manually enter grades

Course administration > Grades

Locate the activity to be graded and enter the numerical grade in the quick grading cell. Click Update.

If the cells for grading and feedback do not appear, change the setting preferences in the My Preferences tab in the gradebook.

After a grade is submitted in the Moodle Grader report, it is marked as Overridden. This means that the grade can only be changed from the Moodle Grader report, grades will not be editable from the Activity grader.