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Course Completion

Course Completion tracking is designed to allow a course to be marked as completed in the system based on one or more criteria. Completion tracking can be based on any of the following.

  • The completion of other courses
  • The student setting a course as complete
  • The teacher setting a course as complete for a student
  • The student completing one or many activities in a course
  • A specific date
  • A certain number of days after the student was enrolled in the course
  • The student achieving a final grade in the course above a certain percentage
  • The student being unenrolled from the course

Enable Course Completion

Course administration > Edit settings > Completion tracking > Yes

Administrators must enable completion tracking for it to be available to teachers.

Course Completion Conditions

  • Completion of other courses is used to determine if this course can be considered complete based on if the student has completed other courses that are required for the student to begin this one.

    Completion of other courses is just a recommendation and it will not block students from accessing a course because they have yet not completed the prerequisite.

  • Manual self completion allows the student to mark a course as complete when they determine they have completed the materials.
  • The Manual completion by others course completion method requires that users with the assigned role manually mark a student as having completed the course. This is most often used when a teacher or manager of the course must review a student's participation in a course to determine if they have met all criteria.

    More on the self completion block

  • Activities completion is used to allow course completion to be based on activities the student has completed in the course. This course completion method is usually used if the teacher requires a student to complete specific activities to have completed the course, such as midterm and final quizzes or uploading specific assignments. All activities with the checkbox next to their name will be included in the Course Completion screen.

    If a new activity is added to the course, it will need to be manually checked in the Completion Tracking page. This can't be done after a student has already had their Course Completion tracking started.

  • The Date condition allows you to automatically mark a course complete for all students on a specific date. This can be used in conjunction with the other criteria to make sure that a user waits until a specific date before they can complete the course.
  • Enrolment duration allows you to mark the course as complete a certain number of days after the student was enrolled in the course. This is usually good for a course that has a minimum time that the student is required to spend in the course before they can complete it. This can be used in conjunction with the other criteria to make sure that a user waits for a certain period of time after starting the course before they can complete the course.
  • The Course Grade option allows you to automatically mark a course complete if a student has received a total course grade above a certain value. This works only with the total course grade.

    If the course should be marked completed based on specific grades in specific activities, you should use Activity Completion in conjunction with Course Completion.

  • The Unenrolment option is used to mark the course complete for a student when they are unenrolled from the course. This is used in conjunction with other criteria to fulfill completion of a course towards the end of the course or a semester.

Editing Course Completion settings

You can edit the Course Completion tracking settings any time before completion tracking has started for any user in the course. Completion tracking begins when the following criteria are met.

  • Completion tracking settings have been saved with one criteria group enabled.
  • A user is enrolled in the course with a role in the progress tracking settings.
  • The Moodle administrative cron has run.

After these criteria are met, you must unlock the Course Completion tracking Settings page and delete the current completion tracking data for all users enrolled in the course.

Course administration > Completion tracking > Unlock completion options and delete user completion data

It is recommended that the course be completely set up, with all activities created with their activity tracking configured, before you configures Course Completion tracking for the course. You should also wait to add students to the course until Course Completion tracking is completely configured to avoid the need to remove completion data.