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Blackboard Planner helps you discover careers, programs, skills that match your interests.

Planner is delivered within the Bb Student mobile app for iOS and Android. If Planner is made available to you by your school, it shows in the base navigation in Bb Student. If you don't see Planner in the base navigation in Bb Student, then Planner is not available at your school.

Getting started

The first section of Planner helps us get to know your preferences. Tell us what type of school you attend, how you feel about your chosen major, and your feelings about your loans. This information will be shared with your advisor.

You can change this information later. Return to the base navigation and tap the gear icon. Tap Personal Information and then update your selections.

My interests

Now we really dive into your motivation and passion. Scroll through the options and make selections. If you want the tool to make selections for you, tap Surprise me!

Tap Finish to see career and program suggestions.


Here's the really interesting part. Tap Discover to explore careers, programs, and skills that match your preferences. Tap the star to select results that you like as favorites. You can also view and manage your favorites list.

Select a location where you want to explore careers by tapping the edit icon next to I want to work in or near. You can select from the list or choose Use my location to apply your mobile device's current location. If you take your device to another state, you need to edit your location preference as it doesn't update to your new location automatically.

  • Explore careers, programs, and skills related to your interests.
  • See real-time labor demands for careers, programs, and skills in your selected location.
  • Watch videos of real people telling you about their experiences in a particular field.
  • See actual job listings and average salaries for careers in your selected location.

Contact your advisor

The app provides contact information for your advisor. Just tap to call or email your advisor when you need some advice.

Update your interests

You can revisit the interests you selected at the beginning. Change them as you like. It's all about exploring!

Need Help?

Email Support (available in English only)

@BbMobileSupport on Twitter (available in English only)