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Blackboard Help

First Time Setup

To set up the connection between PowerSchool and Blackboard Learn (SaaS deployment or Blackboard Learn 9.1 Oct 2014 release or higher), complete the following steps:

  • The SIS Central building block will automatically be installed for Learn SaaS and the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q4 2015 release.
  • Enable the SIS Central building block and access Blackboard SIS Central.
  • After you have logged into SIS Central, download and install the PowerSchool plugin from
  • Verify the connection settings

Enable the SIS Central Building Block

  1. As a system administrator, access the Building Blocks page in your Blackboard Learn.
  2. Select Installed Tools.
  3. For the SIS Central tool, set availability to Available.
  4. Access the Data Integration page from the Building Blocks.
  5. Click the Blackboard SIS Central Service link to launch SIS Central.

The first time you access SIS Central, the program prompts you to install the PowerSchool plugin.

Install the PowerSchool Plugin

Blackboard creates a customized PowerSchool Plugin for each institution as available through the Blackboard SIS Central Service link. The plugin contains the institution’s ID, which is passed to SIS Central along with the PowerSchool key and secret. SIS Central uses this information to automatically configure the connection settings for each institution.

  1. Click the Download the plugin link and save the zipped file to your machine. Do NOT unzip the file.
  2. Log into PowerSchool as a system administrator.
  3. Navigate to System > System Settings > Plugin Management Dashboard.
  4. Click Install and browse for the file.
  5. In the Register Plugin dialog box, click Register.
  6. Click OK to finish the installation.
  7. On the Plugin Management Dashboard in PowerSchool, check Enable/Disable to enable the Blackboard_API plugin.

    PowerSchool provides a list of the database fields and tables that will be used with the plugin to extract data.

  8. Click the Enable button to allow access to the fields and tables.

Verify Connection Settings

  1. In Blackboard SIS Central, click I’m Ready to Continue.
  2. Click Test Connection to initiate a request to the PowerSchool server using the provided key/secret.

    If the connection works, you'll see the message Connection verified as successful.

    If the connection fails, you can click the Override PowerSchool Key + Secret link to retrieve a new key and password for the connection.

  3. Click Save.

Once you have installed the plugin and verified the connection between PowerSchool and Blackboard Learn, you can schedule the data extractions.