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Schedule Data Extractions

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You can schedule two types of data pulls in SIS Central:

  • Pull enrollment data from PowerSchool and push into Blackboard Learn
  • Pull grades from Blackboard Learn to push into PowerSchool

Pulling Data

When setting up the data extraction schedule, you can set the times as well as validation rules and data mapping for different records. You must schedule each data pull.

  1. From the SIS Central landing page, click Add Schedule to set up the schedule for your institution.
  2. In Schedule Settings, select the data pull type:
    • To pull courses, students, staff, and roles from PowerSchool to Blackboard Learn, select Enrollment for the Data Set Type.

      Courses created by the integration are not automatically available to students. This allows the instructor to add content and work with their institution to determine when to make the course available to students. Plus, SIS Center will only add students listed as Currently Enrolled in PowerSchool into Blackboard Learn.

    • To pull assignments and scores from Blackboard Learn to PowerSchool, select Grades for the Data Set Type. You can sync all scores or you can sync scores set in the specific date range.
  3. In Schedule Settings, select the data pull schedule:
    • Select the Run Days when to pull the data.
    • Select the Start Time for the data pull.
  4. In Validation Rules, select how to manage deleted or invalid records.
  5. Click Data Mappings to change the mapped fields manually. The system automatically maps your data, however, you can can update the mappings for the records.
  6. Click Preview Mapping to test the mapped fields. You will see a success message, and a preview of the first five entries. Close the preview.
  7. When you are finished, click Save.

When the data pull occurs, you can review the results in the Extraction Log tab.